Sunday, October 27, 2013

Macho Grande

One of the most hilarious scenes from the movie "Airplane 2: The Sequel":

Unnamed crew member (witness):
  • Flew with Striker during the war
  • He never forgets the night they bombed Macho Grande
  • How they survived was a miracle
  • He won't ever get over Macho Grande, those wounds run pretty deep
  • Was the squadron leader
  • He brought them real low, but he couldn't handle it
  • Was the bombadier
  • He went into pieces
  • It was awful how he came unglued
  • He bailed out
  • Was a rock, best tail gunner in the outfit
  • They lost Howie the next day
  • Was the navigator
  • He was alright
  • He hung tough

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